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We Need A Boat

I really think I am meant to be wealthy. Something went horribly wrong somewhere, clearly.

N invited me to go with him to his summer manager’s outing for work. This is huge because he usually invites me no where. So I said yes even though it was a Boston Harbor cruise and the last Boston Harbor cruise I went on was in college and it was awful.

Trapped on a boat for hours with people you’re not really friends with? I’ll pass, thanks.

But the allure of putting on a cute outfit combined with feeling super special about him wanting me to go at all pulled me in. So I put on my cute outfit and we headed into town.


It was approximately one billion degrees last night and it took us forever to find the right boat. Once we did I was pleasantly surprised. It was a yacht! With bedrooms on it even! And the bathrooms all had bathtubs in them! Bathtubs, on a boat!



Also, open bar. A drink was immediately put in my hand which is really the best way to introduce me to a room full of strangers.

We settled in on some sofas on the deck and the boat headed into the harbor. There were gorgeous views of the city and we got to watch planes take off from the airport.





It was a lovely night and I ended up having a great time. We got in just as it started to drizzle out and there was some lightening in the distance but the storm never passed over us. Shame really, nothing like a good summer storm on a hot night.



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little house

So remember how last time I was saying how the day started off so crappy and then I found that house and I was so excited?

Well, I immediately jumped all over that hot little piece of property. Open house Saturday, offer in on Monday. It was perfect. Everything I could have hoped for in a house. Good neighborhood, partially finished basement, garage, adorable Cape style, decent yard. And priced ridiculously low. All it needed was some cosmetic updates.

We were one of NINETEEN offers. Nineteen! We put in a really good, solid offer. Well over the asking price.

And we came in second. Some cash offer, no inspection hood rats came in and got it. Clearly as an investment property because it was clear that for a small amount of money this place could be flipped to make a pretty profit.

I will say it now: flipping houses should not be allowed. You people are stealing houses out of an already very slim market for first time home-buyers like me. Then you are fixing them up and pricing them so we can’t afford them. And it is NOT FAIR. GO AWAY. You assholes.

If these cash offer asshats don’t come through with their earnest money in the next week or so, then my offer will be the winner and I get the house, but the odds of that happening are extremely slim. Please keep your fingers crossed for me anyway!

I had dreams of taking the time to fix it up. Having barbeques in the yard. Hearing the pitter patter of my future children’s feet running up and down the stairs. Ripping out those kitchen cabinets and putting in my dream kitchen.

And someone else just saw dollar signs. And it isn’t right.

This house was just too perfect. I know that this just wasn’t meant to be, and someday (hopefully soon) I will find another house that is at least as good, maybe even better, and this house will be forgotten.

But until then I am super disappointed.

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It’s cold and rainy.

I was running super late for work this morning.

I gained weight this week instead of lost it.

I forgot my banana.

The line at the Dunks drive thru was too long for me to get in. I didn’t get out and go inside because of my first complaint.

I found a really gross, albeit dead, bug on my perfume tray this morning.

Everyone else in my group at work took today off. I am ALONE.

It’s Friday. Friday’s are not supposed to be this complaint-ridden. I told it as much. “Get your shit together, Friday,” I said when I got to work.

Then I braved the cold and drizzle and walked to the coffee shop and got a very strong iced coffee that was $.50 more than Dunks which seemed reasonable.

When I got inside the office and checked my email I saw that I had a mystery credit in my Shoemint account. I don’t know where it came from, but I ordered the shoes I’ve had my eye on and only paid the $10 in shipping.

I checked real estate listings for my area to see if anything new had come up in my price range and LO AND BEHOLD we had a winner. A perfect little Cape in a decent neighborhood that needed some cosmetic updating. It’s  in my price range AND it’s having an open house tomorrow. AND it has a garage.

So thanks Friday, or Universe, or Powers That Be. I’m glad you heard my plea.