It’s cold and rainy.

I was running super late for work this morning.

I gained weight this week instead of lost it.

I forgot my banana.

The line at the Dunks drive thru was too long for me to get in. I didn’t get out and go inside because of my first complaint.

I found a really gross, albeit dead, bug on my perfume tray this morning.

Everyone else in my group at work took today off. I am ALONE.

It’s Friday. Friday’s are not supposed to be this complaint-ridden. I told it as much. “Get your shit together, Friday,” I said when I got to work.

Then I braved the cold and drizzle and walked to the coffee shop and got a very strong iced coffee that was $.50 more than Dunks which seemed reasonable.

When I got inside the office and checked my email I saw that I had a mystery credit in my Shoemint account. I don’t know where it came from, but I ordered the shoes I’ve had my eye on and only paid the $10 in shipping.

I checked real estate listings for my area to see if anything new had come up in my price range and LO AND BEHOLD we had a winner. A perfect little Cape in a decent neighborhood that needed some cosmetic updating. It’s  in my price range AND it’s having an open house tomorrow. AND it has a garage.

So thanks Friday, or Universe, or Powers That Be. I’m glad you heard my plea.



One thought on “Complaining

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