We Need A Boat

I really think I am meant to be wealthy. Something went horribly wrong somewhere, clearly.

N invited me to go with him to his summer manager’s outing for work. This is huge because he usually invites me no where. So I said yes even though it was a Boston Harbor cruise and the last Boston Harbor cruise I went on was in college and it was awful.

Trapped on a boat for hours with people you’re not really friends with? I’ll pass, thanks.

But the allure of putting on a cute outfit combined with feeling super special about him wanting me to go at all pulled me in. So I put on my cute outfit and we headed into town.


It was approximately one billion degrees last night and it took us forever to find the right boat. Once we did I was pleasantly surprised. It was a yacht! With bedrooms on it even! And the bathrooms all had bathtubs in them! Bathtubs, on a boat!



Also, open bar. A drink was immediately put in my hand which is really the best way to introduce me to a room full of strangers.

We settled in on some sofas on the deck and the boat headed into the harbor. There were gorgeous views of the city and we got to watch planes take off from the airport.





It was a lovely night and I ended up having a great time. We got in just as it started to drizzle out and there was some lightening in the distance but the storm never passed over us. Shame really, nothing like a good summer storm on a hot night.



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