All the Things

Making: pumpkin and apple everything. All I want to do is bake in the fall.
Cooking: dinner.  I’m working on paying more attention to what I’m eating again.
Drinking: water. And not enough. Have to work on that. Also, ALL THE PUMPKIN BEER. I love fall.
Reading: Nothing! Can you believe it? I’ve read seven books (including these) in the last two-ish weeks and now I’ve run out. Suggestions?
Wanting: my own place again. Living with mom isn’t the worst scenario, but it’s taxing. And I want my own space back. All in due time, grasshopper.
Looking: for clarity.
Playing: the Juno soundtrack. It’s a good one that I forgot about.
Wasting: probably food. Why do I always cook like I’m making a meal for 800 people?
Sewing: I have two pairs of pants I need to hem. Add that to my every growing To Do list.
Wishing: for stability. Roots. A place to call my own.
Enjoying: the ride. Or trying to, anyway.
Waiting: for things to fall into place.
Liking:  did we talk about the pumpkin beer situation? Oh, we did? Okay then.
Wondering: oh gosh. I’m always wondering. I’m wondering if I should have a snack.
Loving: living with my puppy again. I love the greeting I get when I come home from work.
Hoping: I get my shit together.
Marveling: at the amount of clothes my mother has. Why can’t we be the same size, why?
Needing:  my dream job. Could someone tell me what it is? And then help me get it?
Smelling: dog breath.
Wearing: workout clothes that MATCH.
Following: my gut.
Noticing: the changing color of the leaves. Love it.
Knowing: that everything will end up the way it’s supposed to.
Thinking: that I want to go to the bookstore.
Feeling: more awake than I should.
Bookmarking: photography tutorials.
Opening: emails. And unsubscribing from all this inbox clutter.
Giggling: while watching New Girl with my mom.
Feeling: optimistic.


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