Hi! My name is Katrina (or simply “K”) and you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Lucky you!

I’m just your average 20-something trying to make it in this big, bad world. And when I say average, I mean it. I am wholeheartedly, 100% average. You’ve probably seen blogs and websites by other 20-somethings. You know the ones – perfectly curated wardrobes, styled photo shoots, Pinterest-worthy homes and children and weddings.

You won’t find any of that here. Not because I don’t wish my life looked like that, because I do, but because I legitimately have no idea how those people fund that lifestyle. No really, someone please tell me. I’d like to know the secret to taking pictures of my stuff, posting them on the Internet, and then suddenly being able to afford everything at Bloomingdales. If you’ve figured this out, please email me. Heck, email me even if you haven’t figured this out and just want to complain about it. There are few things I love more than a good bitch fest. Until I’ve mastered making money by just being myself, I’ll be here, clipping coupons and bragging about my Target scores.

Mostly what you’ll find here are ramblings about my life, what it’s like being a real-life millenial, and probably complaints about my on-going struggle for a hot beach body. My photos are pretty much all taken with my phone, so as you can imagine the lighting and quality are amazing.

I have an amazing fiance, N, who makes me laugh hysterically and cry in frustration on the daily. His antics make regular appearances here. My family is also nuttier than squirrel poop, and their antics make appearances here, too.

I hope you find something to relate to here, or at the very least, something to make you laugh. Welcome!

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