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Best T-Shirt of the Summer


In honor of Memorial Day, otherwise known as the unofficial gateway to summer, I am here to tell you that the fluid high-low tee from Gap is the BEST summer t-shirt.

It’s loose but not too loose, the back is just long enough to cover your bum but isn’t ridiculously long, and the front isn’t ridiculously short, either.

I’m constantly on a quest for the best basic t-shirts and I’m so happy I found this one. I plan on basically living in it. I bought the white, because a plain white tee is my summer uniform, but I’m probably going to go back for a black one. Heck maybe I’ll even go crazy and get a striped one too!

AND everything at Gap is 40% off this weekend. 

You. Are. Welcome.
*this post is not sponsored in any way,  just sharing a great find!*

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Friday Night Likes | 07

Tofino Joan Boot by Sorel at Gilt - Mozilla Firefox_2013-11-15_13-50-03Sorel boots are on Gilt today!

These are my very favorite winter boots. I got mine on Gilt a couple years ago now and they have held up spectacularly. They’re adorable, warm, and a New England winter essential as far as I am concerned. They’re selling out quickly, so get over there fast!

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Friday Night Likes | 06

Flat Booties
1.//Sam Edelman  2.//Seychelles  3.//Vince Camuto  4.//Aldo  5.//ShoeMint 6.//Target
I’m kind of obsessed with flat booties right now. Especially those with a kind of pointy toe. I didn’t think I’d be into them, but then I accidentally tried on a pair the other day (they just LEAPT on to my feet, I swear!), and now I need some. I think I’m going to add a pair to my Christmas list. Hear that mom Santa? 😉
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Friday Night Likes | 05

This week I have a little round-up of links I enjoyed this week:

Haunted Doll – a little pre-Halloween fun. Don’t worry, this isn’t scary.

Where in the US Do You Belong? – you’ve probably seen this already, but just in case. I belong in Oregon! What about you?

40 Financial Things You Should Know by 40 – excellent, I still have 13 years to get this ish down.

Nest Thermostat – this thing just seems so cool. And warm. (Get it? Because it’s a thermostat? Heh heh.)


Also,  I have GRAND PLANS of blogging something other than Friday Night Likes in the coming weeks, I promise. Life has just been getting away from me lately, woof.

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Friday Night Likes | 3


This. This is my favorite thing. A big, comfy bed and lots of time to sleep in it. Add a book and you have my weekend. I am SO looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Sleeping in, reading magazines (new Domino, hayyy!), and maybe a trip to Target if I’m feeling sassy.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Do you prefer to relax or stay busy on the weekends? (I’m an admitted home body and hermit and totally fine with it.)

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Friday Night Likes

I’ve decided to start a new series here on ye olde blog, and I’m calling it Friday Night Likes, an adorable play off the title of everyone’s favorite television series, Friday Night Lights.

In this series, every Friday night I will post something I’ve been crushing hard on lately. This could be anything – clothes, food, beauty products, TV shows, songs, movies…you get the idea. I’m a Lover of Things and I enjoy sharing my love.

For my first installment, I am sharing the book series I am currently completely obsessed with, the Deadwood Mystery series by Ann Charles:


The first book in the series.

I found these delightful gems via BookBub, have you guys heard of it? It’s a brilliant concept. You sign up for their services (completely free!) and choose which genres of books you like to read, and each day they email you a listing of ebooks that meet your specifications and are also on sale or FREE. You can click right from the email to a link where you can buy a title and have it on your Kindle, nook, iPad, whatever, in seconds. It’s perfect for when you want a good book quick and don’t want to spend a ton of money on it. It’s also excellent if you’re a voracious reader like I am and find yourself spending your nest egg money on books (better than on drugs, I suppose). The company is actually based in Cambridge, MA and I have been desperately trying to get a job there. BookBub, if you’re reading this, you have found your next phenomenal employee. Please contact me!

Ok, this has turned into a two-for-one Friday Night Like, since I hadn’t originally planned on waxing poetic about BookBub, but there you have it.

Back to the books.

They’re fantastic. They’re funny, suspenseful, charming and unique. They have romance and supernatural elements (but not enough for me to fully lump them in the supernatural category, so if you’re not into that I wouldn’t let it discourage you) and are very well written. They even have some juicy dirty bits thrown in there in a way that makes sense and won’t make you feel uncomfortable and weird (*cough* Fifty Shades *cough*). Each books is a new mystery, with some overarching stories that span the series woven throughout as well. They have great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

And, the best part, all the ebooks are on Amazon for under $4. Can’t beat that! Go check them out if you’re looking for a new read!

**This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love everything I’ve mentioned here. I am receiving no compensation to say any of this.**

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