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Fictitious Dishes



I love food. This is no secret. I enjoy cooking it, I enjoy eating it, and I even enjoy looking at it. I also enjoy books and reading, as we also know. Perhaps that’s why I find Dinah Fried’s new book particularly captivating.

She created and then photographed meals from various books, and the result is fascinating. She set the meals up as they would have looked to the characters in the books (the top photo here is from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the bottom photo is from To Kill a Mockingbird). Holden Caulfield’s cheese sandwich and malted are presented on a diner counter.

Fried feels that the act of reading fiction is a sensory experience. For this book, she focused on one sensory element from fiction – food – and created visuals to match.

“Each photograph does not represent a meal exactly as it was explained by the author, rather aims to capture the essence of each novel, evoking the setting and atmosphere of the narrative. Whether or not you’ve read the books, these images should provide a little taste of what they’re like.” (Huffington Post)

Kind of cool, right? The Huffington Post link has a slideshow with more meals pictured, and you can also peek inside the book on Amazon. Worth a look!

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I’ve been meaning to share these pictures since before summer, but then I forgot (clearly). I took one photo a month in the same spot for a year, and here they are. I took them all using very advanced photographic technology (also know as an iPhone 4S).  No filters.



The commute from my apartment to work last year took me through mostly back roads and farm land, which is a-ok with me, because I got to see beautiful things like this every day. I just pulled my car over, rolled down the window, and took a snap.  These were all taken on my way to work, so between 7-7:30am for the majority of them.



I think October and April are my favorites.

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