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Newport, RI: Spring 2013

The first weekend in April, Mom and I took a weekend trip down to Newport, RI for a little R&R. She got the trip off Rue La La and it was two night in an adorable boutique hotel complete with massages. Perfect. We also figured we would tour some of the Newport Mansions while we were there.

We got there Friday afternoon and spent the day exploring the mansions before we even checked into the hotel.


And I thought Mom over-decorated.


This isn’t weird or creepy to have in a house at all.


Can’t you just picture Lady Mary sitting here having tea?


Just pretending I am a rich bitch from the 1800s, don’t mind me,


I loved this kitchen. Upgrade the appliances and I’d take this in a heartbeat. The red painted floors!



In front of the Marble House.


Mom, out-posing me, no surprise there.


If you press this, Bates shows up.


They were self guided audio tours. But this is a pretty accurate representation of what I looked like circa 1994. Discman in my pocket.


The view from the roof of The Elms.

We’ve been through most of the mansions before, and I do recommend touring a few of them. Two or three will do it, otherwise it just gets to be overkill and the grand houses stop being so awe-inspiring and suddenly you’re calling all the 16th century china “tacky”. The Breakers has always been my favorite, but we skipped it this time because I’ve done it about a million times.

The best thing we did this time was the servant’s tour of The Elms. So fascinating! It was JUST like Downton Abbey! The servants all lived in rooms at the top of the house and it was a long hallway with rooms off it just like in Downton. The servants quarters were also nicer than my apartment, so there’s that.

We had dinner downtown and then finally checked into the hotel, where we were greeted with champagne and chocolates and we immediately put on the hotel robes and hopped into bed. Because that is what one does in these situations, always.


This is how my life should always look.


This is actually how her life DOES always look, because she has a habit of snacking in bed.


The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and did another mansion tour (we bought the five tour package, which was too many, we ended up only doing four).




After that we wandered around shopping and eating. I got a new Alex & Ani bracelet (a gold phoenix, I love him) and we both bought Newport sweatshirts because it was absolutely frigid. We had our massages that night which were blissful and lovely and then we spent the rest of the evening just relaxing.

The, the next morning, I had the most amazing bananas foster french toast that has ever existed:


After that we went home. And now I really want that french toast.

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