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Katrina’s Twelve Songs of Christmas | 11

Double the fun with this one. Awesome song and one of those videos where over-achieving homeowners synch their lights to the music. You are welcome.

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Katrina’s 12 Songs of Christmas | 12

The holiday season is here once again! There are so many awesome things about the holidays (food, presents, parties, food, friends, family, food…), but none of them would feel quite as festive without some holiday tunes to wash it all down. So, without further adieu, I present to you the first of my 12 all-time favorite holiday songs:

Twelve Days of Christmas – Straight No Chaser

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The Beatles – “I Will”

Just a pretty song to get things started around here. I love this song. It’s simple and lovely and I’d like it played at my wedding if I ever get married. The end.

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