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It’s Not Tuesday

I have this theory that Tuesdays are the very worst day of the week. Good things rarely happen on Tuesdays. They tend to be annoying and they tend to make me cranky.

So I am really perplexed as to why today, Wednesday, I have the urge to punch people in their faces. Everything is annoying me.

The Polar Vortex is annoying me (it’s so cold out).

I don’t really like my outfit today.

My hair looks stupid.

I have nothing planned to make for dinner.

Someone microwaved fish in the kitchen right before I was about to microwave my chicken soup. I was standing there shooting him daggers without even realizing it. Then I put my soup in and someone else comes into the kitchen and says “Ugh! What is that smell? Are you cooking fish?” “No.” “Well it smells like fish in here.” “Yup.” RUDE. Like, I know you should never microwave fish at work (I don’t even EAT fish) but you also shouldn’t call out someone you don’t even know about microwaving fish. Asshole.

My computer has been working extremely slow.

And my phone charger just stopped working. Honestly, Apple I love you, and your shit is pretty and easy to use, but this whole changing up the chargers situation is not cool. I had carefully hoarded all the chargers I needed for my old phone, and I wasn’t about to spend $30 each on four new chargers. So I went to Amazon and bought some converters. For like $3. Obviously they suck. They keep breaking. BUT I BLAME YOU, APPLE. WHY YOUR CHARGERS SO EXPENSIVE?!

I also really am not feeling this job. Not at all. It’s not horrible. It doesn’t make me cry or anything. But it’s also not for me. There’s nothing I can do about it except wait and look for other jobs. Which is frustrating. It also brings up the ever-present question of what I actually want to do with my life.

My graphic design class starts next week and I am so nervous about it. I am mostly nervous about the parking situation at the school. And having to walk through scary neighborhoods at night by myself. And getting lost. And being too stupid. And hating it and dropping the class and wasting money.

My eye has been twitching for going on two weeks now. It’s been twitching and twitching and I didn’t know why. I usually get a twitch when I’m stressed, but I didn’t feel stressed. Well, here it is. I guess it was just bubbling under the surface, waiting to get out. Twitch, twitch, twitching behind my eye. Funny how that happens sometimes.

This helped. Now that I’ve vented I feel a bit more clear headed. Phew.

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