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Tuesdays are by far the worst day of the week. This is a long-standing belief that I have.

Mondays are bad, yes, but they are all consuming. All you can think of on Monday is just getting through the day.

Then you wake up on Tuesday and realize you have to do that four more times before the weekend. It’s the worst.

I am already looking forward to a whole lot of NOTHING this coming weekend, but here are a couple things from last weekend:


Puppy snuggles are the best.


Chocolate and vanilla swirl cones with chocolate sprinkles from DQ are the best.


Reading in bed lazily on a Sunday morning is the very best of all.

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Conversations with N: Hipsters

[Background]: N has taken to wearing a lot of beanies and flannel and smoking fancy cigarettes so I’ve been teasing him that he’s turning into a hipster. Last night I put on a chunky cardigan to go out and he said I looked like I was “going to a 50s doo-wop”.

K: Where should we go for dinner?

N: I don’t know. Not a chain restaurant, I’m not feeling that type of thing.

K: Me either, I’m so over chain restaurants. [pause] Does that make us both hipsters?

N: Yes, and so does that cardigan you have on.




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The Beatles – “I Will”

Just a pretty song to get things started around here. I love this song. It’s simple and lovely and I’d like it played at my wedding if I ever get married. The end.

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